Marketwatch: S&P Targets ~ 1930

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A couple weeks ago, the S&P just barely hit a new high at about 1902 and reversed.  That move actually negated the potential head and shoulders pattern that had been forming.  Because of that, the S&P targetted 1925 in the … Read More

Marketwatch: A Very Bearish Week

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Obviously, Friday was bearish for markets.  Many, especially CNBC, blamed it on Russia, while others just called it rotation.  I think it’s more than that, for several reasons. The main one is that this week, markets rallied into resistance and … Read More

Marketwatch: Bouncing Around

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Written 4/15/14. It’s funny, there are lots of people getting on CNBC saying how orderly things are.  And yet, the swings in the last week seem rather dramatic to me.  Perhaps not because of the amount, but the sudden and … Read More

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