I truly believe that investing is one of the most important things you can do in life.  For a whole bunch of reasons, it seems to be a topic that most of us avoid.  Some of us don’t like numbers, some of us don’t like talking about money, others never had a chance to get acquainted with it.

Looking back on my life, I’ve already lived through at least three stock market cycles and two real estate cycles.  For most of my life, I was like many others – I was concerned about other things, and always had a reason to get to investing later. With the benefit of hindsight, I would have made some very different decisions had I understood what was going on in the markets.

I’ve also found that I may have an inclination for this type of work.  To me, investing is not so much about money, but about trends, how people behave and cause and effect.  Some people like to think about think about these things, others don’t.  I think I happen to be one of the ones that likes to think about these things.

Investing is about ideas, because your mindset makes all the difference in the world of investing.  So this site is about exploring ideas with a bit of discipline through writing.  Hopefully, it’s either educational for you, the visitor, and perhaps a source of new ideas or another opinion on subjects swirling about in the news.  Should you be interested in becoming a client, this site will also give you a sense of my thought process and investing approach.

Thanks for visiting.  If you have wish to chat about investing or have questions, feel free to contact me.