Anzo-Borrego Desert State Park – Super Bloom 2017

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Spring comes to Southern California every March, but this year, with the surprisingly plentiful rain, flowers have been blooming in force.  No surprise then, that crowds have been flocking to the Super Bloom in the Antelope Valley and in the Anzo-Borrego Desert.  I went this last weekend on Saturday, March 25, 2017, and I chose the Anzo-Borrego Desert.  Strictly speaking, I was a bit late, but there was still plenty to see.  This blog post will probably be too late for those that want to go this year, but hopefully will be a good reference for those going in future years.  

If you choose to go, I would start by checking conditions with the Anzo-Borrego Desert Natural History Association at 652 Palm Canyon Drive, (760) 767-3098.  They are located at the center of town, very close to Christmas Circle.  This year, they had a page dedicated to wildflower updates, with photos taken by visitors.  Also, you can stop there when you arrive, and they will provide maps marked with the latest information.  Then you can trek out and check out the super bloom.  

Here’s a map of Borrego Springs, with the center of town, Christmas Circle, marked.  

Center map

I approached the Anzo-Borrego desert from Temecula on S22, Montezuma Valley Road.  If you go this way, you will be greeted by this beautiful view as you make the descent to the desert.  There’s lots of turnouts on S22 for viewing the valley, but be aware, the descent into the valley creates a very powerful wind tunnel.  Be careful when you get out of your car, the wind is surprisingly powerful.  

Photo by Ming Lo

Also on Route S22 was some brittlebush in bloom, and it wasn’t marked on the local maps.

Photo by Ming Lo
Photo by Ming Lo

There was also the very pretty beavertail cactus with its bright purple flowers in full bloom.  

Photo by Ming Lo

Once in town, I stopped by the Anzo-Borrego Desert Natural History Association, which is located near Christmas Circle at the center of town.  Then, I headed south on Borrego Springs Road.  As I came to a bend and the road turned to the East near Tubb Canyon Road, I found a field of Ocotillo Blossoms.  It wasn’t hard to find – there were many cars parked on the side of the road.  

Photo by Ming Lo

I loved how they swayed gracefully in the wind.

Photo by Ming Lo

Next, I continued on Borrego Springs Road and took a right onto Yaqui Pass Road.  Not far down, off to the right, were fields of Purple Mat.  Not as dramatic to the eye, because the flowers were on the ground, but still very pretty.  

Photo by Ming Lo

And of course, cactus.

Photo by Ming Lo

After that, i headed back toward the north side of town, and took a brief stop to look at some of Ricardo Breceda’s metal sculptures.  I’ll highlight these in another post.  By then it was close to sunset, and I had time for one more stop – dandelions on Henderson Canyon Road.  There was no lack of picture taking here. 

Truth be told, I wouldn’t have minded having someone to photograph in the middle of these fields. 

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